Teaching Vikings?

Teaching Vikings at Key Stage 2? Or just like activity sheets? A few follow here.

Your Viking Name

Vikings didn’t have surnames – find out how Viking names worked, and decide what your own would have been.

Your Viking Travels

Where did the Vikings go? Mark the countries they lived in on a map, and decide on a route for a sailing ship to Greenland

Viking Discovery

Imagine what it was like to discover Greenland a thousand years ago… and discover it for yourself today.  This activity includes ICT links as well as creative writing.

Viking Voyage

Imagine you’re setting off on your very own Viking voyage – what would you take with you to survive the winter?

Viking Foods

Find out what Vikings ate in Iceland and Greenland – and decide which of these foods you’d like to try.

Viking House

Vikings built their houses out of turf – grass and the soil it grows in. Why do you think this was a good material? This worksheet is designed for group work.

Viking answers
No, not just the answers – these aren’t the sort of worksheets that have straight answers. This is some extra information for people who are interested, which might also make teaching or learning with the sheets more fun.

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